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Our Commercial Cleaning Services

Mila’s Cleaning Services Ltd. is a leading professional cleaning and maintenance company headquartered in Sherwood Park, Alberta that provides first-class janitorial services to property management companies, industrial facilities, commercial office buildings, daycares, banks, car dealerships & showrooms, fitness clubs, medical facilities, schools, sports facilities, and more whether they’re large or small.

Team Work

Founder, Mila Belger, discovered through hands on experience that the most efficient system in cleaning services is through collective team work. Mila trains each team member in her company to clean with a specialized system she has put in place. It is through this system that her teams are able to clean quickly and with more efficiency while providing a consistent and quality service.

Trustworthy and Reliable

As a client of the leading cleaning services offered by Milas, we want you to receive the best experience possible each time we visit. We know our clients choose Milas to provide trustworthy and reliable cleaning services and accomplish this in three ways.

First, Mila’s Cleaning Services is committed with a Client First attitude. We ensure Mila’s management and team members are focused on meeting or exceeding our clients’ expectations and provide efficient, thorough, reliable cleaning every visit.

Secondly, we make sure all staff are trained to treat our clients the way we like to be treated. We respond to all clients’ needs, requests, concerns and complaints regarding our premium cleaning service in a timely, friendly, caring and professional manner. This includes treating clients fairly and with respect; as well as being open and honest in all communications.

And third, we provide the most thorough cleaning of your company’s facility. When our teams leave a client’s business, clients can have the peace of mind knowing that they have received the best service possible, from a team of people who genuinely care about their work. Your home or business will look, smell and feel fresh and clean. Everywhere one looks, our premium cleaning service is evident and our client knows they have received the most professional cleaning available.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Cleaning your business to a higher standard is our priority. We work hard to provide you with the cleanest, freshest, and healthiest space possible.

Because client satisfaction is the foundation of our company, Mila’s Cleaning backs all cleaning service work with a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. If you are unhappy with any area that we have cleaned, simply contact us within 24 hours and we will return and re-clean it free of charge.

Our 100% satisfaction guarantee is part of our commitment to you. We want you to be satisfied with the work we perform and welcome your feedback and comments.

We are so committed to ensuring that clients who choose Mila’s first-class cleaning services trust us, are loyal to us, and are so impressed with our services that they are totally confident in saying they would recommend Mila’s Cleaning Services to professional colleagues, family and friends.

Contact us today with any questions about our professional cleaning services or to provide your feedback or comments.

What Our Clients Are Saying

“Kind, Professional Staff Members – Superior Cleaning Quality –
We are a high volume Property Management Company. Mila assists with all of our cleaning and goes above and beyond to ensure a job well done.”


“Mila’s Cleaning Service is the best. I told them only once what I am looking for and they were able to meet my expectations and standards for a new move in.”


“Mila’s has been the most reliable cleaning services  we have ever had. The bathrooms are disinfected and sparkling clean.”


Trusted Clients

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